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Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?

One of the most important attributes of God is His justness. (Deuteronomy 32:4)

Because God is just, He must do two things:
1. He must punish sin.
2. He must reward righteousness.
If God didn’t do these two things, He wouldn’t be just; he would be unjust, and God can never be unjust.

When Adam and Eve sinned, God had two choices:

1. He could step in and immediately bring judgment upon Adam and Eve.
2. He could postpone judgment, which would allow God time to establish a means of salvation and give man adequate time to repent and accept His means of salvation.
Had God chose the first option, Adam and Eve would have been damned forever, with no means to obtain salvation.
The consequence of postponing judgment is that sin is allowed to continue until the time God steps in permanently to bring judgement.

As long as sin is allowed to continue, pain, suffering, and evil will exist. (Genesis 3:14-19)

The curse that fell on Adam related to his role as the man and his responsibility. (Genesis 3:17)

Because of Adam, the entire earth was cursed, not just the ground.

Genesis 3:18 is an explanation of the curse, and gives us insight as to why we experience pain and suffering. The root of the word “thistle” means to release or set free. It implies that the earth and everything in it is now free to change over time. In other words, plants, animals, and all forms of life will mutate.
According to Hebrews 1:3, all things are held together by the power of God’s word. As long as God walked on this earth in fellowship with man, the earth maintained a “steady state” of life and order. When Adam sinned, fellowship with God was broken. Now we have sickness and disease, death and decay, and pain and suffering.
All of creation was subjected to God’s curse. (Romans 8:20-21, Hebrews 1:10-12)
There was a time when God stepped in to bring judgment upon the world: when he brought the flood upon the earth. He did this for two reasons:
1. All mankind had become totally consumed with wickedness and evil. (Genesis 6:5-6)
2. To shorten the life-span of man in order to curb the wickedness on the earth. (Genesis 6:11-13)

The Flood was not the Final Judgment. God did not put an end to sin.
Jesus came the first time to save us, but when He comes back, He will come to judge. (John 3:17; 12:47-48)

The reason God has delayed the Final Judgment is because He doesn’t want anyone to perish. (2 Peter 3:9)
Summation: The reason God allows pain, suffering, and evil to exist is because He’s a good, loving, merciful, and compassionate God. Because He’s good, loving, merciful, and compassionate, He has postponed judgment so all of us might be saved.
Psalm 37:32, Isaiah 59:15
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